Live: South Africa Cricket Performance at Cricket World Cup

South Africa Cricket Performance at Cricket World Cup. Here is the complete details about their outstanding performances in World Cup.

For World Cups from 1975 to 1987 inclusive, South Africa was not an ICC member, and therefore ineligible tocompete in the tournament. So, their participation in world cup started from 1992 onwards.

1992: Semi-finals – vs England
1996: Quarter-finals – vs West Indies
1999: Semi-finals – vs Australia
2003: First round
2007: Semi-finals – vs Australia
2011: Quarter-finals – vs New Zealand
In 1992, which was their first World Cup appearance. You believe it or not they'd entered the semi-finals. But rain played spoil sports because of that Duckworth Lewis method comes to play and finally England declared as Winners. This is the huge disappointed for South African Cricket Team. But after that their performance was not that good when it comes to World Cup.

In 1996, they had entered quarter-finals, in 1999 they'd entered semi-finals but lost to Australia. In 2003 it's very sad, they knockout in the first round itself. In 2007 they'd entered semi-finals and once against lost to Australia. In 2011 they'd entered only quarter-finals but lost to New Zealand. South African Cricket team always unlucky when it comes to 50 overs ICC Cricket World Cup.

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