Bangladesh Cricket Team at T20 World Cup live

In 2007 T20 Inaugural World Cup Bangladesh Cricket Team entered Super 8 stage but finally ended up with 8th place out of 12 teams participated in that world cup. But after that 2007, say in 2009, 2010 and in 2012 they were eliminated in the group stage itself. Still now Bangladesh cricket team no idea how to play T20 world cupthey had no perfect strategy when they were playing with top teams. In 2014 they ended with Super 10 stage. This is their very poor performance in all T20 world cups. But you can't take them lightly by seeing the history. Because both Bangladesh and Zimbabwe always come with surprise package. So when they show their best performance is always questionable and always unimaginable one. In the past they beat top teams in the league stages so you can't predict them when it comes to big stage like World Cup that too T20 format. Whichever team plays best cricket on the given day will win that match. So this is the history and this is the truth. 

We hope they'll some superb performance in the upcoming 50 overs world cup and also thereafter

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